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Nutritionist’s recommendations

Dried fruits:
  • Dried fruits are another simple and fast option for a snack. Because they contain lots of fructose you should always have them in combination with a small amount of protein. Our energy bar is a practical solution, because nuts also contain proteins in the right amounts.
  • Dried fruits contain vitamins, minerals and a lot of fructose. Fructose supplies quick energy, but shouldn’t be the only part of your meal. If so, you will get hungry soon afterwards. Nuts can help regulate blood-sugar-levels and prevent cravings.
  • Dried fruits contain lots of energy. By combining them with nuts, you will get a felling of being full much sooner and the sugars will enter your bloodstream with a delay.
  • Always take a look at the ingredients when buying dried fruits. They should never have added sugars as fruits are naturally high in fructose and taste sweet enough. When it comes to fruits like apricots and plums it is pretty easy but with exotic fruits like pineapples, mangos and papayas it is harder to find them without added sugar. Look for those products in an organic food store.
  • If you are hungry before a workout, don’t start without eating anything, otherwise your performance will drop. Dried fruits are great before exercise and sports because they will not affect your digestive system, yet deliver a lot of energy.
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