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Cravings Who isn’t familiar with annoying food cravings? After lunch, at dinner time, while watching TV.

Cravings set in when blood sugar levels decrease too fast and therefore too low. The main reason is that today we mostly consume processed food which hardly contains fibres and other essential nutrients. In today’s world we are bombarded with processed foods and it is hard to eat healthy and sometimes difficult to change our eating habits.

The portions we consume are often too big and high in carbohydrates and this is another cause of food cravings. Especially carbs with a high glyceamic index, which are carbs that enter the bloodstream without delay, like white breads, cookies or donuts. These are very bad for our body because of the blood sugar spikes they produce. Soon after you eat them you feel heavy because of the spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels. But it won’t last and you will feel hungry again. You are now caught in the cycle of cravings where you never feel satisfied and most likely will cause you to gain weight.

The solution: a quick and convenient organic snack.

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