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Benefit Pack Annual Service

Benefit Pack Annual Service

Art. No.: 2107

BBD: always latest goods

Single item price for 1 Bar: EUR 2,77


You will receive deliveries 12 times in a year, once each month, with a benefit pack including 30 items Black Bear each 38g, ideal for hospitality to customers and staff / workforce members, as well as a motivation to oneself to enjoy naturally nutrition on a permanent basis.

satisfaction or money back...

content: 12 months long, 1 monthly practical benefit pack including 30 items Black Bear protein each 40g

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each  of a month
price incl. 10% VAT incl. delivery charges
price per year statt  EUR 1.176,00
EUR 996,20
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description of details:

'Nature Pure'. For one whole year, you will be delivered the practical monthly benefit pack, including 30 items Black Bear protein each 40 g, without any trouble, FREE OF DELIVERY CHARGES right to your door.

‘Money-Back’ Guarantee:

Should you no longer require use of our abo, you will receive your money back for the articles not yet delivered transferred to your bank account. You can simply send us an email message including your bank account details to:
You can terminate the Service at any time without having to state the reasons. After the expiry of the one-year period of the service, we shall advise you by email message on the possibilities of renewing the service. Should you wish to renew, the service will continue for a further year – you will of course retain the right to terminate the service at any time.

Black Bear protein

dried dates*, pumpkin seed protein powder*, peeled cannabis seeds*, almonds*, cocoa beans*

* = Raw materials from organic farming

Nutrition facts in 100g 1 portion
condensing 1579/376
fat 11,7g 4,7g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 2,1g 0,8g
carbohydrates 42g 17g
of which sugars 37g 15g
roughage 8,7g 3,5g
protein 21,1g 8.4g
salt 0,07g 0,03g
Nutritional values are subject to the fluctuations of a natural product.

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